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Doubling and Halving

Doubling and Halving


Doubling & Halving :

  • Halving to 12 (Gillian Miller)
  • Halving to 10 (Georgina Ing)
  • Doubling and Halving Machines (Shirley Lehmann) Easiteach
  • Halving (Shirley Lehmann) Easiteach
  • Doubling and Halving (Laura Roberts) DOC
  • Double and Half Amounts (Hazel Boyes) DOC
  • Doubling (Shirley Lehmann) Easiteach
  • Halving and Doubling (Shirley Lehmann) Easiteach
  • Doubles Butterflies (Jen Knill) DOC
  • Halve by Sharing (to 10) (Georgina Ing) DOC
  • Doubling Using Multilink Cubes (Claire Souter) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Halves up to 20 (Linda Noon) DOC
  • Halves Dice (Alison Timbey/GP) MS Powerpoint
  • Double Dominoes (Alison Timbey/GP) MS Powerpoint
  • Doubling and Halving (Geoff Magee) MS Powerpoint
  • Doubling to 10 (Serena Solomon)
  • Halving Even Numbers to 20 (Becki Smith) DOC
  • Diamond Doubles (Laura Martin)
  • Ducky Doubles (Near Doubles) (Hilary Rodley) PDF
  • Doubling & Halving Bingo (Karen Bentley) DOC
  • Doubles and Halves Dartboard (Ellie Olmer)
    Doubles and Halves Dartboard (EO/Lydia Winwood) DOC
  • Double Dominoes Cards (Alison Timbey) PDF
  • Halves Dice Cards (Alison Timbey) PDF
  • Doubling and Halving (Geoff Magee) DOC
  • Doubling Double Dice Game (Elaine Chantler) DOC
  • Doubles Game (Jennifer Gibbs) DOC
  • Doubling and Halving are the Inverse (David-Guy Parkin
  • Doubling and Halving are the Inverse (David-Guy Parkin)
  • Doubles Addition Cards (Collette Southern) DOC
  • Doubles Facts Game (Collette Southern) DOC
  • Doubles or Doubles+1 Game (Marcia Lanckriet) DOC
  • Partitioning & Doubling (Laura Coady)
  • Doubling and halving to 100 (Morag Watson)
  • Doubling/Halving (Rachael Wilkie) MS Powerpoint
  • Doubling/Halving Starter (Rachael Wilkie) MS Powerpoint
  • Near Doubles (Dawn Procter) MS Powerpoint
  • Partitioning to Double (3 levels) (Naomi Hass) DOC
  • Doubling to 20 (Deb Cadman) PDF
  • Double Bingo (Nadine Turner) PDF
  • Doubling & Halving Lesson (Becky Hexter) DOC
  • Double and Double Again (Becky Hexter) DOC
  • Halving by Partitioning (Jayne Reeder) DOC
  • Double - Half (Andrew Woodcock) XLS
  • Doubling and Halving Jigsaw Puzzle (Laura Jeeves)
  • Near Doubles (Rachael Wilkie) MS Powerpoint
  • Finding quarters by halving (Rachael Wilkie) MS Powerpoint
  • Doubles and Near Doubles Cards (Hermione Ruck Keene) DOC
  • Halving and Doubling (Steph Fell) PDF
  • Doubling/Halving (by partitioning) (Kirsty Router) MS Powerpoint
  • Halving (up to 20) (Laura Christmas) DOC
  • Double - Half (Andrew Woodcock) MS Powerpoint
  • Doubling Investigation (Mark Norman) DOC
  • Double and Half Jigsaw (Lorraine Bastone)
  • Double & Halve by partitioning (Jennifer Till) MS Powerpoint
  • Doubles and Halves (Nicola McGivern) MS Powerpoint
  • Halving Numbers 1 (Mandy Smith) DOC
  • Find Quarters (Mandy Smith) DOC
  • Double Trouble! (Lisa Daniels) DOC
  • Multiplying by 20 by doubling (Arthur Daley) PDF
  • Doubling Numbers (Mandy Smith) DOC
  • Using Doubling to Multiply by 4 (Paula Lewis)
  • Using Halving to Divide by 4 (Paula Lewis)
  • Doubling x4 to find x8 (Louise Ward) DOC
  • Halving (Sian Carr) DOC
  • Quartering (Sian Carr) DOC
  • Doubles Magic Bubble (Maria Buchanan)
  • Halving TU/HTU (Hannah Macfadyen) DOC
  • Halving Numbers 2 (Mandy Smith) DOC
  • Halving Numbers (Andrew Woodcock) XLS
  • Target Darts (Cerianne Lloyd)
  • Doubling x2 to Find x4 & x8 (Joanne Gordon)
  • Near Doubles (Lisa Heap) PDF
  • Doubles Game (Vicki Foy) PDF

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